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Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding some of our popular categories including fashion, mobile phones, computers, beauty products, home and kitchen and a whole lot more from premium brands as well as managing your account, payment, vouchers and much, much more.

Your Order
Buy things, Track, Delivery time, return.
Managing Account
Edit login, name, mobile number & delivery address
Payment Option
Edit shipping address for delivery of orders
Gift Vouchers/Coupons
Edit shipping address for delivery of orders

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Your Order
How do I buy things (Shop) on OfficeSleek?

Can I buy in bulk?

For all your Corporate Procurement, Gift Vouchers and Consumer Promotion Activities, please contact us on 08170002346 or email us at or click on the link for more information

Why do I see different prices for the same product?

OfficeSleek is your reliable online marketplace that supports Nigerian entrepreneurs and we have many different sellers competing for your business. Therefore, you may see the same product offered by different sellers at different prices. We believe that by supporting these 'third-party' sellers, we can offer you a wider product selection, more choice, increased convenience, and better pricing.

How do I save items to view later?

What is buyer protection?

We offer all our customers ultimate peace of mind. We have you covered 100% on every eligible purchase. Click on the link to learn more

What is the estimated delivery time? When can I expect my order to arrive?

OfficeSleek delivers product to customers all over Nigeria. Same day delivery within Lagos for orders placed before 9:00 am, 2 - 5 working days outside Lagos.

Why does the estimated delivery time vary?

OfficeSleek is a true online marketplace that empowers Nigerians across the country. This means that not all products on OfficeSleek are sold or delivered by OfficeSleek. In addition, OfficeSleek buyers and sellers are found in every State in Nigeria. Given the various factors involved (time it takes a seller to ship, the courier company used, the distance between buyer and seller, and more) delivery times may vary.

Who will deliver my Order

Your order may be delivered by FedEx, by other courier companies, or by the seller or the seller's agents, depending on whether the item was sold by OfficeSleek or a third-party seller and on the delivery method chosen by a third-party seller. You may be called prior to or on the same day as regards delivery to see if you are available to receive your order.

Will all of the items in my order arrive in a single package?

If your order consists of items from more than one seller, your items may arrive separately. If your order consists of items from a single seller, your items may arrive together or separately depending on product availability. If your orders arrive separately, rest assured that the remaining item(s) will be delivered shortly.

My order is shipped. How can I track it?

To track your order click on the link

How do I cancel an order?

You can request to cancel your order online by
1) Signing into your account,
2) Visiting My Orders, and
3) Clicking the button to cancel your order.
While you may instantly cancel orders not yet shipped, please note that shipped orders cannot be cancelled. You nevertheless have the option of rejecting or accepting the order on delivery. You can also call 0817 000 2346 or **** *** **** to request order cancellation

How can I view and print the invoice for an order?

Managing Account
How do I sign up to begin shopping on OfficeSleek?

To create an account on OfficeSleek, click

How do I sign in to my account ?

To sign into your OfficeSleek account, click enter your email address and password.

I forgot my password

If you've forgotten or lost your OfficeSleek password, click and submit your email address. We'll send you a link to change your password.

What can I do once I sign into my OfficeSleek account?

After you create your OfficeSleek account and sign in, we make it easy to control your shopping experience on OfficeSleek by visiting the following sections:
Account Information: You can update your name, contact details (phone/address).
My Orders: You can view past and existing orders and take actions including tracking an order.
My Wishlist: You can view items you've saved to view later.
Customer Messaging: You can message the sellers.
Newsletter Subscriptions: You can sign up for Newsletters to get the latest information on new arrivals and sales.

Payment Options
How do I pay for my order?

For your convenience, OfficeSleek offer multiple payment methods. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that OfficeSleek is working to keep your transaction safe. You can help by paying online at checkout so OfficeSleek can hold your payment temporarily and more easily refund you if things go wrong.
At checkout, you can select:

Pay Online At Checkout - Enjoy 100% Buyer Protection
+ PayStack
+ ATM/Debit Card
+ Internet Banking
+ Bank Deposit (Fidelity Bank PLC, Account Name: OFFICESLEEK SHOPPING MALL, Account Number: 5600410797)

Should I pay to a seller’s personal/individual account?

No. If a seller asks you to pay directly into his/her personal bank account before you receive your order, please contact to verify before paying.
Please do not make payments to any bank account outside OfficeSleeek's corporate account listed below:

Fidelity Bank PLC
Account Number: 5600410797

You can use PayStack/Debit/Credit option for additional safety and security.

What is PayStack?

Paystack is a payments platform that makes the online payments process seamless for both the consumers and the businesses they are trying to pay. They make it easy for merchants to accept credit and debit card payments online from customers..

To learn more, please visit:

Gift Vouchers
What is a gift voucher?

How do I get a gift voucher?

What is a coupon?

These are discount codes given to customers by OfficeSleek. Terms and condition are applicable.

How do I pay using voucher?


Click one of our agents to chat on WhatsApp.