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How to Shop

Step 1 : Search

Type a description of your desired item
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Alternatively, you can search by
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Step 2: Review Product Details

Read reviews and look at photographs of what
you are buying

Select dropdown box value if it show

Select Add to Cart to add item on Shopping Cart

Step 3: Choose To Go Next

Click on Go To Cart Page if you Shop
only selected item.

Click on Countinu if you want more shopping or
more then items

Step 4: Choose Option On Shopping Cart Page

Select continu to shopping for add more
item in shopping cart

Select clear shopping cart for remove
selected item on shopping cart

select Update shopping cart for Update
selected items on shoping cart

Step 5: Choose Delivery Address

Sign in or create your OfficeSleek account if you do not have one

If you are a new customer, fill out the delivery
address form

If you are an existing customer, choose an
existing address or fill out a new form if you
want to deliver to a new address

Step 6: Choose Payment Method

Select the payment method you would like to

Remember that you have 100% protection
when you pay in advance

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